60 Years

& Still Going STRONG!

The Strong Company, Inc. kicked off its 60th Anniversary with a reception at the Pine Bluff Country Club on March 7, 2019. Guests came from Pine Bluff as well as other parts of the state and country to celebrate with the Strong family. Mayor Washington of Pine Bluff was in attendance and spoke at the event, where she proclaimed March 7, 2019 “Strong Company Day” in Pine Bluff. Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas also wrote a letter to the company recognizing its achievements.  



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Vertical Feet of Manhole Rehabilitation

The Strong Company offers solutions for:

In-Ground Vinyl Pools

Roof Substrate Repairs

Above-Ground Steel Fuel Storage Tank Insulation

Sanitary Sewer Structure Rehabilitation

Stormwater Pipe Lining

Cementitious Grouting

By providing a total system of engineered products, specialized equipment, and complete customer service, the Strong Company continues to be an industry leader in both light-weight insulating concretes and corrosion-resistant, high-strength repair mortars. To learn more about us, watch the video below. 



Strong-Seal® Systems offers engineered products specifically designed to rehabilitate concrete and masonry structures to stop inflow, infiltration, and exfiltration. 

A fiber-reinforced cementitious mixture designed for rehabilitating corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins, and other stormwater structures.

A factory-prepared blend of exfoliated vermiculite and portland cement with special additives to aid in mixing, pumping, placing, and troweling of materials in a pool base. 

A cementitious mixture specifically designed for new and replacement lightweight insulating deck construction.



The Strong Company, Inc. was founded in 1959 by William A. Strong, Sr. Over the next 54 years, Mr. Strong owned thirteen companies and operated manufacturing plants in Arkansas, Illinois, South Carolina and Texas. These Companies mined vermiculite ore, processed and blended unique materials such as vermiculite and perlite for construction, industrial and horticultural applications and manufactured specially designed mixers, pumps and other equipment for the installation of these and other products. In 1989, Mr. Strong developed a system for the rehabilitation of manholes and other sanitary sewer structures that revolutionized the industry which he dubbed the Strong-Seal System.

During his career, Mr. Strong was awarded 10 patents and was considered an industry leader and innovator in every market where Strong products were sold. Mr. Strong was active in his business on a daily basis until just before his passing in 2013, including being the driving force behind the development of Storm Seal, a system for the rehabilitation of storm water pipes and culverts. Here at the Strong Company, we actively search for new products and markets in the hopes of extending the legacy of William A. Strong, Sr. While we anticipate the future, we look to the past for inspiration. To learn more about the life and legacy of Mr. Strong, click here

Mr. Strong had a great love for America and the American dream. He believed America created a land of opportunity for him, his family and his employees. As a result of this, Mr. Strong was actively involved with many conservative causes and candidates for political office. Mr. Strong supported young people from Arkansas for Internships at the Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute and the Young America’s Foundation. He was an advocate for free market principles through the National Federation of Independent Business. Bill loved helping employees and their families in their time of need, and he enthusiastically gave back to the community; his favorite charities included Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Jude Hospital.




The Strong Company, Inc. completed a $2 million expansion program in 1999 with the acquisition of a 56,320 square foot building and 22 acres on Emmett Sanders Road in the Pine Bluff Port Area. Acquisition of the building expedites production of cement-based products utilizing vermiculite and perlite. Cement products used in above-ground steel tank insulation, in-ground swimming pools and manhole rehabilitation are produced at the facility. Additional warehouses have been constructed for finished goods and raw material storage.

The Strong Company, Inc. is one of the nation's largest importers of South African vermiculite, while obtaining it's perlite from New Mexico and Colorado. It also imports raw materials from Brazil, Croatia, and Zimbabwe. These materials are used in the production of industrial and construction mineral and cement-based products by The Strong Company, Inc.



For any inquiries, please call 800-982-8009 or fill out the following form:


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