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Bush Intercontinental Airport
Continental Terminal
Building C-North and South
Houston, Texas 

Roof Top Service Company
16226 Waverly Drive
Houston, Texas 77032 

Consulting Engineer:
Price Consulting, Inc.
211 Highland Cross Road
Houston, Texas 77073  

Project Engineer:
Mr. Karl Schaak

The project consisted of replacing approximately 300,000 square feet of roofing on the Continental Terminal Building at Busch International Airport, Houston, Texas. Since the terminals could not be shut down nor could air traffic be interrupted, any roof uncovered during the day had to be recovered the same day. Prior to roof replacement the existing lightweight concrete deck had to be repaired where soft spots occurred and leveled to eliminate pounding. 

The project demanded a fast setting product, and the product needed to be mixed and place fast. Karl Schaak, V.P. of Operations, Price Consulting, Inc., had witnessed a demonstration of The Strong Company, Inc.'s roof deck repair system and after a meeting with the Strong personnel, decided to specify the Strong-Seal® Quick Leveling Roof Material for the referenced project. According to Karl, "Not only did I like the fast set time of the product, but I was also impressed with the fact that Strong had the equipment needed for the application. It was just what the job demanded. 

Mr. Denny Busyn, Vice President of Roof Top Service Company, the contractor, was made aware of Strong's roof deck repair system. After witnessing an on site demonstration, he was so impressed with what he saw that he purchased a machine on the spot! Approximately 4,000 bags of Strong-Seal® Quick Level were placed on this project. Denny stated, "The Strong System enabled be to meet the demands of the job, and to do so profitably. It is a system I will use again and is one that I would highly recommend."

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