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A vinyl-lined pool is the most affordable choice and Pool-Krete® can help bring out its best. A foundation of sand/cement can quickly wear out the liner when every step is like taking sandpaper to the underside of the liner, but Pool-Krete®'s non-abrasive formula can add years to the life of a liner.

A Pool-Krete® in-ground Vinyl-lined pool is more attractive and easier to maintain than other installations. With sand, unsightly heel or footprints appear on the bottom. With either sand or sand/cement, ironing the sand rusts and bleeds through pinholes worn in the liner.

Pool-Krete® insulating concrete is designed to provide a cushioned and protective support for below grade vinyl liners. Pool-Krete® products are also used as base materials for above-ground pools to provide a soft or hard pad that will prevent damage to the vinyl liner.

Longer lasting, more attractive and easier to maintain - Pool-Krete® brings out the best in any pool!


Pool-Krete® Pre-Mix is a factory-prepared blend of exfoliated vermiculite and Portland cement with special additives to aid in mixing, pumping, placing and troweling of materials in a pool base. Pool-Krete® is packaged in one bag and requires only the addition of water at the job site.

Pool-Krete® Swimming Pool Aggregate (SPA) is a blend of exfoliated vermiculite with special admixtures to aid in the mixing, pumping, placing and troweling of materials. SPA requires the addition of water and portland cement at the job site.

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